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Nexyiu Reviews – Opinions about the company and user reviews

Nexyiu Reviews – Opinions about the company and user reviews?

Nexyiu Reviews – Opinions about the company and user reviews

Nexyiu scam: Our views on the company, nexyiu reviews of users, and Nexyiu views on the Web.

We want to specify that our considerations are purely the result of an external analysis of the company, based on reading reviews and information taken directly from the official website.

Since we have read on the Web, and heard a large number of times from some users (in reality it always seems the same) negative reviews about Nexyiu, we decided to get ourselves “into the field” and do our own evaluation and review about these company To our great surprise we can say that our opinions on Nexyiu are definitely more than positive, given that it is a network marketing system, which we generally don’t appreciate and we immediately tend to misjudge, but this is so well structured and organized that it struck us and, surprisingly, it disproved our initial prejudice. We do not deny the fact that, having read some Nexyiu reviews, which claimed nexyiu is a scam, risked destabilizing our analysis from an objective point of view.

In this case…you mean it!

Therefore, before explaining how the Nexyiu’s affiliate program works and understand how to also become a Nexyiu collaborator and work from home in a completely autonomous way, without any limitations and obligations, it is good that I explain to you exactly how Nexyiu works. All the data shown was taken directly from their site. We will see later on what kind of safeguards the company has put in place to reassure its users about the possibility of Nexyiu scam. At the end of the article you will also find Nexyiu reviews from users.

Nexyiu: how it works

Nexyiu opinioni

We are not ashamed to confess that we deeply hate activities that are based on multilevel marketing, we hate chain letters and we have never promoted them, precisely because we do not want to scam people to try to make money. We are not of the idea that the “God of money” comes before honesty. Anyway, that said this doesn’t seem to be the case with Nexyiu, and you’ll soon understand why.

For the data in our possession, we believe that this network marketing does not seem to be a scam, because it does not have the characteristics of a Ponzi scheme as the credits can be spent by purchasing their services. Let’s try to understand better to evaluate if Nexyiu is a scam.

You may be wondering …WHY?

Because the benefits, which we will explain later, are not obtained by making other people join this network marketing, but they are right away, once you decide to join the community.

It is essential to keep in mind that Nexyiu is indeed network marketing (at least we believe it is) BUT, FIRST OF ALL, IT IS A PLATFORM THAT ALLOWS YOU TO RECEIVE A DISCREET NUMBER OF BENEFITS IMMEDIATELY.

What does it mean?

It means you will practically have the benefits, which we will explain later, simply by registering with this Network, without being forced and obliged to bring in someone to earn. Then, in addition, it seems like you can decide for yourself whether you want to work with Nexyiu as a collaborator, making this collaboration with the platform a real affiliate job, it seems as though some users earn more than 10,000 euros per month. But it is only in this case, only by working as a collaborator, that you earn by bringing people in.

Nexyiu opinions

In the last 5/10 years, and especially in this period characterized by the Sars-COVID19 Pandemic, we are all inclined to have the tendency to purchase online, and Nexyiu, a brand of Four Business Financial & Consulting Ltd, located in Verona, Italy, has created this platform that will practically triple the purchasing power.

Are you curious or suspicious? Keep reading our nexyiu opinions!

By registering on the Nexyiu platform you can continue to buy everything you normally buy online, from those you usually buy from, without having to change your purchasing habits. In fact, Nexyiu allows you to buy directly from an online store called Avyium (similar to Amazon) with the “credits” that will be credited to you monthly.

One aspect that literally made us say “WOW” is that the money you will receive monthly, based on the subscription you have chosen (after we will list the subscriptions and the characteristics of each), you will not only have to spend it in particular niche shops proposed by Nexyiu, (think what a nuisance it would have been otherwise), but you can spend them in many Nexyiu partner shops that are really famous and well-known by everyone, shops which you will have most likely already have been spending in and regularly buying products from. All this thanks to the new Nexyiu card (which we will explain later).


The Nexyiu subscription plans

Nexyiu has 3 subscription plans and each one lasts 3 years (taken directly from the website):

  • The € 499 Smart plan
  • The Premium plan from € 999
  • The family plan from 1999 €

Depending on your preferences, these plans can be purchased by bank transfer, credit card or bitcoin, and can also be purchased in installments in these ways:

  • Smart plan in 2 installments of € 249.50
  • Premium plan with 3 installments of € 333.00
  • Family plan with 4 installments of € 499.75
Nexyiu opinioni



But at this point you’re probably wondering, “That’s all well and good, but why should I buy a Nexyiu subscription?”

Let’s see what are the 5 main advantages of subscribing to Nexyiu!


Benefits of Nexyiu

1st advantage -> Nexyiu Credits

The first advantage is the Nexyiu Credits. When you sign up for a subscription, you will receive for all 3 years, every month, NEXYIU CREDITS through which you can spend in any store of your choosing, and you can use your Nexyiu Card to make both purchases online and in the physical store itself (as soon as the physical card arrives). Here are the features for each subscription you purchased:36 Nexyiu Gift Cards, each worth € 40, and therefore for a total value of € 1,440 if you purchased the Smart plan

  • 36 Nexyiu Gift Cards, each with a value of 40€, and therefore with a total value of 1.440€ if you have purchased the Smart plan
  • 36 Nexyiu Gift Cards, each with a value of 80€, and therefore for a total value of 2.880€ if you have purchased the Premium plan
  •  36 Nexyiu Gift Cards, each worth 170€, and therefore for a total value of 6.120€ if you have purchased the Family plan

Whichever subscription you subscribe to, your purchasing power will practically triple.

What do you mean?

For example, if you bought the 499€ Smart subscription you will be able to spend a total of 1440€, i.e. you will find yourself multiplying the initial investment by 3.

2nd advantage -> Nexyiu Holiday

Nexyiu being in collaboration with important players in the world of holidays, will allow you to also receive:

  • € 250 discount in holiday credits, if you have purchased the Smart plan
  • 500 € discount in holiday credits, if you have purchased the Premium plan
  • € 1,000 discount in holiday credits, if you have purchased the Family plan

Remember that holiday credits do not expire, which means you can use them whenever you want.

They are also transferable to a third party, in case you want to give it as a gift to a loved one.

3rd advantage -> Nexyiu Car

What does Nexyiu Car consist of? Nexyiu Car is an advantage that allows you to get a great discount in case you want to buy a car, or need to rent one for a long time.


If you want to buy a car, you will be given a 20% discount on zero KM cars ready for delivery, and you will also receive an additional free subscription, corresponding to the value of the car itself. NO INCOME GUARANTEE IS REQUIRED.

On the other hand, if you needed to lease a car long term, you would have the benefit of being able to make a smaller initial down payment, pay less of the cost of the installment each month, and have the ability to get a very favorable future redemption.

4th advantage -> Avyium Cashback

With the new brand launched by Nexyiu, namely “AVYIUM”, you will have the opportunity to buy everything you want, and need, while consistently receiving cashback on your e-wallet equal to 10% of the value of each product purchased.

Hmm you want me to explain .. right?

Being an e-commerce platform, you will have the added advantage of buying from the comfort of your own home, and you will receive the product directly to your home. For example, if you buy an AVYIUM product worth € 100, you will receive € 10 cashback on your e-wallet.

5th advantage -> Nexyiu Insurance

We will not deny that we also had some doubts but then we discovered that Nexyiu Insurance is there to vouch for them.

Oh really? Of course, keep reading!

With Nexyiu Insurance you will have the security of having insurance coverage on all your money invested when you purchased your subscription.

So, if you have problems with Nexyiu and you want to get your money back, there will be no problem, because the insurance will refund all the money you invested.


Nexyiu Opinions

Our opinions on Nexyiu, as anticipated and always with respect to what we found on the web, can only be positive.  Without even thinking that in addition to all this there is also the possibility of making Nexyiu your main job, which you will learn as you continue reading. Remember that you can only start earning with Nexyiu after you have purchased at least one package.

To enter you need to buy a Nexyiu package.


Nexyiu affiliate program

As we have already mentioned, if you want, you can have the additional possibility of creating a job for yourself.

More precisely, by becoming a collaborator of Nexyiu, you will have the possibility of earning some extra cash for every friend, relative, or even a random person you don’t know, that you introduce to the Nexyiu Community, as a result of promoting the subscriptions and services offered using Social Networks such as Facebook, Instagram, sponsored pages, websites, Youtube videos etc..

The moment you introduce a new user to Nexyiu, these will be your fees for each user introduced:

  • 2 € per month for 36 months, for each user who has subscribed to the Smart subscription, for a total of 72 €
  • € 4 per month for 36 months, for each user who has subscribed to the Premium subscription, for a total of € 144
  • € 8 per month for 36 months, for each user who has subscribed to the Family subscription, for a total of € 288

You will practically earn for every new customer that you bring to the Nexyiu Community.

If you then decide to become a real Nexyiu collaborator, there are real commission plans offered by Nexyiu.

Let’s go see what they are!

Recensioni Nexyiu

Nexyiu employee plans (Nexyiu affiliate program)

You will receive:

  • 25 Points of Sale per month, for 36 months, for each sale of a Smart package generated by your network
  • 50 Points of Sale per month, for 36 months, for each sale of a Premium package generated by your network
  • 110 Points of Sale per month, for 36 months, for each sale of a Family package generated by your network

Summary diagram of Nexyiu commission plans for collaborators

Nexyiu valutazioni

Please note: each point of sale = 1 €

According to Nexyiu, when you reach 200 PV you will get the “ONE STAR” qualification, and from then on you will receive 6% on every package sold directly.

Upon reaching 500 PV you will receive the qualification of “TWO STARS”. From this moment on you will begin to receive 6% also from 2nd level indirect sales.

Upon reaching 1000 PV you will immediately obtain the qualification of “THREE STARS” and a one-off € 500 award, plus the addition of 6% commissions also from 3rd level indirect sales.

A goal highly recommended by Nexyiu is to obtain the qualification of “FOUR STARS”, which you will have as soon as you accumulate 3000 PV. Why is it so recommended? Because from now on, in addition to taking 6% on direct sales, in addition to 6% on 2nd level indirect sales, in addition to 6% on 3rd level indirect sales, 4% on indirect sales of the 4th level and 2% on 5th level indirect sales, with the addition of a fixed monthly fee of 500 €, therefore no longer one-off.

Not yet in reality!

The “FIVE STARS” qualification will be reached once you have accumulated 10,000 PV and, in addition to all the commissions that will go up to the 6th level, it will entitle you to get a fixed monthly fee of € 2,000.

And to continue …

For those who reach the qualification of “SIX STARS” with an accumulation of 30,000 PV, in addition to the commissions that will go up to the 7th level, you will receive a fixed monthly fee of 4,000 €.

The maximum qualification is “SEVEN STARS”, which is reached after accumulating 100,000 PV. It will not only allow you to receive a commission up to the 9th level, but will also guarantee you a fixed monthly income of 10,000 €.

Remember that if you have the slightest inkling that it might be nexyiu scam, you can use the insurance to claim the money advanced back via insurance. Of course, they will only reimburse you for the amount advanced and not the X3 value of the vouchers.


Nexyiu commission plan scheme

Nexyiu frode

Employees can also decide to use career bonuses to obtain a NEXYIU branded car, without having to provide any income guarantee because the value of use will be deducted directly from the career bonus obtained.

The CARXYIU branded car can be chosen from the qualification of “FOUR STARS”.

This compensation plan is really well thought out and above all innovative. Unlike other Network Marketing, this compensation plan will allow you, once you have reached a qualification, not to have to reconfirm it further. That level will be yours and if you want to grow and increase your turnover, it will depend only on you, you will not be forced to grow. You will not have the typical stress of network marketing systems. The PV points obtained will never be taken from you and you will not even be forced to purchase monthly or in any other period of time, products or services to maintain your qualification. From the FOUR STARS qualification onwards, you will have a guaranteed fixed monthly fee that will allow you to make this job your main job without any stress. Think about how well the entire NEXYIU program is structured, not just its affiliate program. Anyone who decides to buy a NEXYIU package will do so because they have actually identified benefits and, once the 36 months have expired, why do you think they won’t renew it? Renewing it will always result in a client being introduced by you.

In our opinions on Nexyiu you will have realized that this is a high-ticket affiliate program because it can lead you to get very high earnings, considering that you can earn as much as 10,000 euros per month and more. If you are thinking though what if nexyiu is a scam? In this case you can use the insurance to get back the money you invested (obviously NOT three times the money promised).


Nexyiu Scam

What if Nexyiu is a fraud?

Buy Nexyiu without worries: Lloyd insurance coverage

Maybe you’re wondering, ” what if Nexyiu wants to scam me, takes the money I put towards the purchase of my package and then disappears, or doesn’t answer me anymore, thus not honoring the deal?” Nexyiu seems to have thought of this as well. If you have any doubt Nexyiu scams, you can always request your money back at the first whiff of a scam.

You won’t be the first or the last person to be wary of Nexyiu, and you’d better be because you need to tread lightly around such projects. The web is full of fake platforms ready to scam us. For this reason, just to show you that it’s a serious company, that it’s a serious project, Nexyiu has chosen to give you a Lloyd insurance policy as a guarantee in your name that will cover the total price of the package purchased. But that’s not all! Nexyiu will also give you liability coverage for your home for the amount equal to the value of the package purchased.

That’s why, according to Nexyiu supporters, it’s really worth signing up for Nexyiu.

“So choose one of the three packages available, pay your one-off collaborator fee of €50 to activate the commission plan just described and start, first of all, to benefit from all the advantages Nexyiu just described and then, if you deem it appropriate, start collaborating and begin to create your own network and establish, therefore, a completely independent job.”


Nexyiu can only be accessed if invited!

And don’t forget that on Nexyiu, you can’t enter without entering the code of the person who introduced you to this service, this is because the company wants those who have invited you to follow you step by step. Basically, it is invitation only.

To conclude, we can confirm that our opinions, for the data we have on Nexyiu is extremely positive, both for what concerns the advantages offered by the company, and for its network marketing program that, being based on a system that practically sells itself given the advantages it offers, allows anyone who is really interested in making an excellent choice when starting an online business in network marketing.


Nexyiu Reviews

Let’s read user ratings on Nexyiu


Nexyiu Reviews on Facebook

recensioni Nexyiu Facebook

As of December 19, 2020, Nexyiu has 146 different reviews, ALL 5 STARS. In our experience it was never before to read a page with so many positive and NO negative reviews. Our sincere congratulations to nexyiu reviews.


Nexyiu ratings on Trust Pilot

recensioni nexyiu trustpilot

Also on December 19th, 2020 the score for Nexyiu reviews on Trustpilot (which you can find here) is 4.2. Again, our congratulations. A very good result in terms of feedback for a company that provides services. The final evaluation based on the Nexyiu reviews collected from the web is absolutely positive.

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